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Accolade has just raised the benchmark for online training. This exclusive and first of its kind real live video training is a fantastic opportunity for you to practice your mediumship with many hundreds of other Accolade students from many parts of the world. To enjoy this new service all you have to do is subscribe and become a member of Accolade’s very own World Web Training Academy. Once joined you can then practice your mediumship by booking unlimited real life one to one readings with other Accolade students who have also subscribed to the online training. 

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For your annual £218 investment you will be eligible to arrange unlimited practice one to one readings/consultations with other Accolade students from the USA, Canada, Austria as well as England and Wales. After each appointment your recipient/client will automatically be sent an appointment assessment form to be filled in by him/her which will then be forwarded on to yourself. Giving you structured and positive feedback, the perfect complement to your developing needs.

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Accolade has found that many students struggle to sustain the practice needed when wanting to keep a momentum after a workshop/seminar. Well we have found you a solution and all this can be done from the comforts of your home. All you need  Is to register for full membership (annual fee applies)  have a pc/laptop with internet connection (ipad app in testing) a webcam with a mic and you’re up and running.

PLEASE NOTE: All members using Accolade's online one to one training services must read the "Accolades website rules of use" before begining any online training.

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